Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Various Artists - Más Cumbias, ECO/Discos Fuentes

Ain't much music in the world that makes me happy like cumbia.
This is a selection of Colombian cumbias, originally released
on Discos Fuentes. This one was made in cooperation with
Mexican label ECO, Mexico is a cumbia loving country.
Some time ago, our collegue Yoyo from 'listentoyourears'
launched an album with practically the same cover, but
different title and partly different songs. So get this
LP, play it out loud, and forget about winter !

P.S. I found out I forgot to rename track 11, it must be
track 06 in fact, sorry for the mistake.


1 Enrique Bofante - Soledad
2 C. Pompeyo - Gaita Colombiana
3 Joaquin Betín - Cumbia sampuesana
4 Luis Pérez - La morena encarnacion
5 Climaco Sarmiento - Cumbia sabrosa
6 Pasqual Rovira - Cumbia del monte
7 José Cáceres - Suena la timba
8 César Castro - Cumbia sambranera
9 E. Guillén - Noche de estrellas
10 Calixto Ochoa - Cumbia campesina

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Arnaud said...

Don't worry there's nothing wrong with the cover.

Juan Camilo said...

¡Éste también está buenísimo!

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet, with a real nice beat. Thanks.


moos said...

..Guepa ..!!

Anonymous said...

when was the album released?

varoz said...

wow amazing music on yout site, im form mexico, if you wisth please visit my blog

øשlqaeda said...

belated thx moos

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for the compilation which is wicked. Pero estoy seguro con los nombre de las artistas? Porque me párese por ejemplo que la canción numero 6 es de Pedro Laza... But i could be wrong of course, but i've got both version and they're really almost the same...

Anonymous said...

Can you re upload, please? :)