Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sugar Belly Combo - Linstead Market, Port-O-Jam 1971 ( Re-release )

Track 12, Slide Mongoose, sounds very much like another well
known song. I first heard it as 'All for you' by E.T. Mensah,
being Highlife from Ghana. A couple of albums ago we heard Sami
Kamara from Sierra Leone doing it as 'All for you tete'.
Mento, Calypso and Highlife are very much alike, and with this
song, Sugar Belly demonstrates that fact very nicely.
Although this album is on 'Port-O-Jam', we could say it is an
early 'Studio One' recording, Clement Coxone Dodd is the man
behind it all.


1 Linstead market
2 Wings of a dove
3 River Ben come down
4 Land of sea and sun
5 Soldering
6 Jamaica farewell
7 Archie
8 Rucumbine
9 John Tom
10 Yellow bird
11 My pussin
12 Slide Mongoose

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saxman said...

Usually known as Sly Mongoose, it is a traditional Caribbean folk song. Charlie Parker even recorded a version of it.
Also the name of an excellent calypso-oriented music blog:

rastaman said...

great moos, You can post Jimmy Radway & The Fe Me Time All Stars - Dub I....
great jamaica music...
wicked people..
Thanks in advance