Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sami Kamara and his Black Diamonds - Songs and Rhythms from Sierra Leone, Afro Request

Sierra Leone is a country of many languages, part from Creole,
wich is spoken in the capital Freetown and is based on 'Pidgin
English', there are also 'Mende' and 'Timini'.
On this album by the Black Diamonds we hear all those languages.
Bandleader Sami Kamara claims that he invented the band's name
when he thought he tripped over a rock that appeared to be a
Diamond. Great coverpicture, the ladies are singers and drummers
in the group. And how about Sami with his kazoo.


1 Enjo ma
2 Tete
3 Omea kweke kawumbu
4 E hallah wye
5 Oda
6 Pom pom lolo
7 Kisiyade
8 Egun dide
9 Objetebe
10 Yu too wowo
11 Nadeo
12 Mina stranger

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NGONI said...

Thank you very much Moos,desiring 2009 comes to you so generous as less, that you've been with us this past year with your music.

moos said...

Dear visitors,
Unfortunately I' ve got no time for postings at this point.
I hope to find some later this week. Plenty music to come, stay tuned..

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if there are more malian sounds.

John B. said...

Thanks for this, Moos. You wouldn't happen to have the LP listed on the back of the sleeve by the "Biafran Freedom Fighters," would you? I've been looking all over for that one.

moos said...

..indeed John, I wouldn't...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these wonderful stuff from Africa, especially Nigeria. Wishing you more grease to your elbow in 2009 and beyond, please furnish us with more highlife rarities - Show Promoter, Joe Nez, Celestine Ukwu, Orlu Brothers International, Mike Ejeagha, Osadebe, Oliver De Coque, Oriental Brothers, Dan Satch, Ali Chukwuma etc etc! Real Music is for the real people. Thank you!