Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miguel Aceves Mejia - canta canciones de José Alfredo Jimenez, RCA Victor

Good evening, it's been a couple of days, I don't remember
exactly how many. The largest hiatus untill today, anyway.
Duty called upon me and priority's had to be taken.

Today, I felt like doing another Mexican 10", one of the
9 EP's I found on that recordfair in Utrecht, last November.
I am thrilled by Miguel's sound, how he cries them 'Ayayay's',
is just smashing. I'm a new fan. Unfortunately, the quality
of this old disc is not so well and I had to fade-intro track 5
because it got stuck. Although there's a short piece missing in
the beginning now, it's still worth spinning.
Cry out loud with 'Miguel Aceves Mejia', Ay Ay Ay !


1 El jinete
2 Ella
3 Virgencita de Zapopan
4 Guitarras de media noche
5 Serenata Huasteca
6 Cuatro caminos
7 Tu recuerdo y yo
8 Camino de Guanajuato

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Arnaud said...

You can count me on that fan club too.
Unfortunately, you Dutch have very pretty women, but don't have balcony to sing those songs.

noguti said...