Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ismael Rivera - Soy Feliz, Vaya 1975

Puerto Rican singer Ismael Rivera used to work with Latin
percussionist Rafael Cortijo for many years. On this solo
project, Rafael joins him again as an invited guest.
Rivera had a great voice, they called him 'el Sonero Mayor'.
Beautiful 70's piece of latin, a must have.


1 Soy feliz
2 Son son sonero
3 Tonto del amor
4 Yo no quiero que te enamores
5 Las tumbas
6 No soy para ti
7 Parece que le gusta
8 Boriqueneando
9 Si yo pudiera
10 Los apuros de Miguel

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,it's a great album!

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Excellent Music. Thank you!