Friday, January 16, 2009

Franco & Orchestre O.K. Jazz - l'Afrique Danse No 6, african 1968

As I just learned from the back sleeve, this is number 6 of a
series, 'african' brought out late sixties. there are at least 7
of which some by Franco, some by Rochereau, Kwami and Jean
Bokelo. Enjoy another great Franco LP.
just a little hiss hiss and crack crack.


1 Nganda maboke naboyi
2 Dede kabola mikolo
3 La vérité de Franco
4 Matinda
5 César aboya yo
6 Gare á toi Marie
7 Chaleco
8 Chicotte
9 Lisaso ya Kronembourg
10 Timothée abamgi Makambo
11 Yo mabali tapale

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Blewmymind said...

just bought this on iTunes, a tight album through , right now Biso Banso basi na yo is on repeat. I should've checked here first but will still get it since itunes cant go on a disc. Thanks.