Thursday, January 1, 2009

Exporta Samba - Gabinete do Partido Alto, K-Tel 1981

Hello Groovers around the Globe, I want to wish everybody
a fantastic new year with loads of nice music and lots of luck.
The winter in the Netherlands is doing it's work properly
this year. It's freezing a couple of degrees for several days now
and skatelovers are getting ready for the big race already.
When it keeps freezing we might get to the point, they can
ride the 'Elfstedentocht' ( eleven cities skate ride ). It only
happens once in twenty years or so and the real skate diehards
are getting all nervous these days.

When it's so cold, I long for tropical temperatures and some Samba
always helps. This is the second LP by this group, Exporta Samba
is their name and I first met them through this album.
10 nice samba songs, uncomplicated and warm sounding, just what
we need on a cold New Years Day like this.


1 A taxa
2 O esculacho
3 Lembrando a terra boa ( Sao José do Ribamar )
4 Família de vocês
5 Bilhete
6 Que onda que te levou
7 Raiva de tudo
8 Aqui se faz, aqui se paga
9 Fim de reinado
10 Chuva de amor

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Gonzalez on Speed said...

Hi Moos

wish you an excellent and troublefree 2009 as well !! thanks for all the fantastic posts in the past year, in the most outstanding music blog around ... let's hope in the near future "Global Groovics" will be a new subject teached to children at schools worldwide ... instead of mathematics, physics or economics .... that will create a much better world to live in. Keep amazing us please !