Thursday, January 8, 2009

Empire Bakuba du Grand Kalle - Massasy Calculé, A.C.M.P.I. 1986

'Elephant and dwarf' they call them, Pepe Kalle and his little
stage dancing friend Emoro. This is one of Kishasa's most
popular dance bands of the 80's. The album was recorded in
Abidjan and contains fantastic dance material. Empire Bakuba
and Pepe Kalle are here to rock the place.


1 Massassi calculé
2 O nager
3 Miss Africa
4 Nana Houphouet-Boigny

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Arnaud said...

a real good one too...

Anonymous said...

Thanks much!



Anonymous said...

Many thanks for sharing. Apurva/ Pune, India.

jahcisco said...

Thanks. Much appreciated,