Thursday, January 1, 2009

Docteur Nico & l'Orchestre African Fiesta, Sonafric 1975

Born Nicolas Kasanda in 1939 in Congo, this is Docteur Nico,
'Le Dieu de la Guitare' ( God of the guitar )they used to call him.
This LP was originally released in 1967 as 'African Fiesta, Sous
la direction de Docteur Nico' on Ngoma ( bottom photo ) and re-issued
by Sonafric in 1975 ( top photo ).
Remarkable about this album is, both sides end with a track on
which he immitates Van Morrison and 'Them'. Strange combination
which didn't bring the succes he had hoped for.
More info on Docteur Nico is to be found here.


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Anonymous said...

Love Dr Nico's ork
Thanks for this
Wuod K

Anonymous said...

Merci pour toutes ces découvertes, un de mes meilleurs blogs où je reviens régulièrement, merci merci

Arnaud said...

Yes nice one.
May I put a small challenge/request, captain ?
In your global groove, do you have any treasures from north africa, egypt or lebanon ?

moos said...

I'll look in to that, and be back..

Neu Mejican said...

Strangely, "Sookie" and "Save Me" are the tracks that get pulled from this album the most. It is exciting to actual hear the rest of it...good stuff.