Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cortijo y su Combo con Ismael Rivera - Fiesta Boricua, Rumba Records 1960


Do you know that phenomena, you buy an LP, you check it properly
for being in a good condition. This one looks perfect, but when
I was recording it and came to the second side, it appeared
to be pressed almost 1 centimeter out of the center.
So, the first 6 tracks are just fine but tracks 7 to 12
sound a bit FALSE I'm affraid. The music is so nice however,
I didn't want to withhold it from you.

Rafael Cortijo was one of Puerto Rico's heroes of the 50's
and 60's. His plena's and bomba's were and are still among
the most respected in the world. This is his first stereo
recording from 1960. Volare is a well known song of which
he made his own version. If you are familiar wirh the music
of Brazil's singer Dorival Caymmi, you will recognize the last
song on this album. It used to be called 'Maracangalha'.
Cortijo's versions are great, they sound natural as if
they were his own. Like lots of Cortijo's albums, this one
is also with the great singer 'Ismael Rivera' with whom
he worked for many years.


1 Oriza
2 Si te mueres no me lleves
3 Volare
4 Que le paso
5 La hija de la vecina
6 Madame Calalu
7 Y Pedro Flores
8 Mofongo pelao
9 Solavaya
10 Los chismosos
11 Dona Chana
12 Me voy a Marancagaya

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egraham1 said...

First, I love your blog and visit it at least once a day. Second, I have a very clean copy of this record if you want me to send you the second side. Thanks,
New Orleans

moos said...

thanks Fory,
if it's a vinylrip like mine, that would be very nice.

egraham1 said...

it is indeed a vinyl rip, although my system for ripping is pretty rudimentary.
How do I go about sending it to you?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information on the label Rumba Records? I am trying to obtain copyright information.


taco said...

wat een vette plaat. dank voor het delen.

Flabbergast said...

Damn, I just noticed this album here and the links are dead. Doh! Any idea if the reissued Rumba label CDs sound any good, or are they @#%#! remasters like most of the Fania backcatalog??