Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and his Inter-Reformers Band - Adventure of Mr. Wise, Decca West Africa 1973

A good day to you Groovers around the Globe, this last week
has been a little hectic. My old PC was getting slower and slower
by the day. It was going to crash, that much was certain, it was only
a matter of time. So I decided to get another one. I am now working
on a brand new and fast machine, very nice but with all that updated
software I am learning things all over again. I didn't use winrar on
this file, but winzip, hope it unpacks as usual for you.
If any problem appears, please let me know.

What we have today is another rare old Juju LP. Chief Ebenezer Obey
is back with a splendid album. It's been played quite a lot so it's
quality isn't perfect. During the 70's, Ebenezer Obey and Sunny Adé
were big rivals. Juju music was changing in high tempo because both
artists wanted to be the first to add new instruments and new styles.
Around 1980 they both released albums for European labels and broke
through internationally. I think both artists are winners and above
all, we are the lucky ones to enjoy such great music.


1 Motun gbede
--Ita baba kan
--Ogbon loruko e
--Oluwa fun ni ohun merin
--Owo, suru, omo ati aiku lewe
--Suru lodara
2 Sikisiki mami
--Bi osi temi
--Iru oluwa ni osi
--Chief Henry Fajemirokun
--Chief I. S. Adewale
--Eleganza R. Okoya

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Neu Mejican said...

Really good. You continue to show impeccable taste.

moos said...

..take a look at yourself..

flageolette said...

Thank you,Moos


sulingman said...

I do feel like the lucky one. Thanks for ALL the Juju. I did make sure I got ALL of it. Thanks especially for this one, it is so hard for me to find music by Ebenezer past two cds, and few things make my day more than something like this. THANKS!

Ogbuefi said...

Thanks so much for your effort...this is really awesome

alex said...

Hi...First of all, I want to say thank you so much for all your hard work and exposing us to all this great music!

I found something weird about the picture of this album...See, I own a copy of this record in my vinyl collection...Except instead of "DECCA" in the upper right corner, my album says "OBEY" in the black rectangle where DECCA should be. Could this be because mine is a counterfeit or a reprint, while yours is the original? And...My copy is gatefold, with comic strips inside. Is yours gatefold?

Anyways, thanks again!