Sunday, January 18, 2009

African All Stars - Les Champions, Badmos

Two of my favourite Congolese singers on one great album,
that's what we got here. Théo Blaise Kounkou and Sam Mangwana
in a sweet colaboration. Label and year are vague but the music
is absolutely not, don't miss this one !


1 Ata bassali nakozonga
2 Makengo
3 Les champions
4 La fete au village



Anonymous said...

Thanks, two of my favorite singers also


John B. said...

Thanks a lot, Moos. They don't make 'em like this anymore!

peter said...

First song is composed by Lengo Lengo, AKA Dizzy Mandjeku. He is still performing, nowadays with his new orchestra called "Odemba OK all stars". They will perform on the "Nuit d'Afrique - African Night" on May 16th in Turnhout - Belgium. Mail me for more info if interested. Greetings, Peter

Omondi said...

The label is "Discophone" and the year is 1977. It was surely the only one partnership between Sam Mangwana and Théo-Blaise Kounkou, but T_B Kounkou had an other collaboration with the African All Stars in 1978 on the LP "Zenaba" (Label "Adios Records").
You make a great job dear Moos. Congratulation from an humble music lover.

moos said...

Thanks for enlightening us Omondi,

Mr. Mojo Risin' said...

Great Album!!!

thank you so much!