Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Abana Ba Nasery - Classic Acoustic Recordings
from Western Kenya, Globe Style 1989

From today we'll have us a brand new American president.
Barack Obama has his roots in Kenya so I thought it would
be appropriate to post some Kenyan music today.
Abana Ba Nasery was a succesful trio from Bunyore, they
made their sweet but primitive sound, using only two
acoustic guitars and a Fanta bottle. The rhythm was created
by scraping the ribs of the bottle with a metal rod. When this
LP was made the recordings were already 30 years old.
I wonder if Obama speaks some Swahili too, in any case
this is great music. Listen to the Roots of Obama.


1 Atisa wangu
2 Khwatsia ebunangwe
3 Servanus andai
4 Nilimwacha muke risavu
5 Mapenzi kama karata
6 Noah Libuko
7 Omukhana meri
8 Abasiratsi muhulire
9 Ndakhomela
10 Ebijana bie bubayi
11 Mushalo ebutula
12 Rosey wangu

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nauma said...

my dear moss
seems that we have some kind of telepathy

check here

the more people will listen the better will be.
peace and groove

moos said...

Dear Nauma, that is really cool, you don't see that LP so much,..
b.t.w. I'm sorry I didn't pay attention, your blog is linked as from now. Bless!

Anonymous said...

Today we awake anticipating a historic and long-awaited day. It all seems so surreal...

What a great post to honor what the Chicago press is calling "Obamapalooza": I look forward to hearing this.

Readers of your blog may also be interested in the following post:


Omondi said...

For sure, dear Moss, you are the king of telepathy for having presented the kings of Lipala's style. When I'm listening to their "Omwana Wa Mberi Nesiekhoira" I can't stay on my place. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

This music is NOT from the Luo community which is where Obama patrinilian roots are from, but rather, from the Luhyia community which is a neighbouring community also from the West-side of Kenya.
Its great music though!
I first heard this LP in CD format 5yrs ago.

Wuod K

flageolette said...

Great posting!


Abana said...

I'm king of telepathy not Moss :P