Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited - Mabasa, Earthworks/Roughtrade 1984

Let's see what we got in the car. Okay, now everybody hold
something in your hand. Perfect, great coverpicture. The music
of Thomas Mapfumo and his Blacks Unlimited is almost hypnotizing.
It makes you drift away to unknown destinations.
The Lion of Zimbabwe they call him and if you like to know
more about 'Chimurenga' and Thomas Mapfumo, go here.


1 Ndanza ngoma kurira
2 Mari
3 Mabasa
4 Chemera chaunoda
5 Usatambe nenyoka
6 Muchoni


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Global Sampler vol. 19


The musical oceans are so full of fish, it's hard to pick.
There's so many shapes and colours, what do you like ?
Vol. 19 shows the possible catch from november 30 till
december 13.


1 Oliver de Coque and his Expo '76 - The tragedy journey of two friends
2 Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - Nnwa di mma
3 Beth Carvalho - Se você me ouvisse
4 Pacheco y el Conde - Ponle punto
5 Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - Home is home
6 Lord Creator - Big bamboo
7 Tchicaya Tchico & Waka Waka Band - Josintha, a Nigerian girl
8 Oliver de Coque - Ife chi kwulu geme/Onye zogbulu nwambe
9 Coupé Cloué - Imploration
10 Sparrow - Wood in the fire
11 Pio Leiva - Pescadores de camaron


Syli Authentic - Dans l'Arene, Editions Syliphone Conakry 1976

Syli Authentic is a band mainly existing of students.
If you're interested in Syliphone's discography check this.
I am sorry I don't know anything about this band,
you'd better listen and search for more info.
Enjoy this obscure Guinean prodduction.


1 Andree
2 Aye na
3 Mafory bangoura
4 N'bessoma
5 Fabara
6 Senero

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Martinho da Vila - Meu Laiáraiá, RCA Victor 1970

Martinho da Vila's sambas are always subtle and pure, every song
has it's own unique and original sound. Together with the great
sounds of RCA's 70's and Martinho's warm voice, this is
a true beauty. Although ripped by several other blogs, this one
deserves to be ripped and posted once more.


1 Meu laiáraiá
2 Volta pro morro
3 Plim-plim
4 Melancolia
5 Madrugada, carnaval e chuva
6 Samba do paquera
7 Samba da cabrocha bamba
8 Folia de reis
9 Samba de irmao
10 Linha do ao
11 Ninguém conhece ninguém
12 Vamos viver

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pedro Laza y su Banda, Discos Fuentes 1979 plus Bonustracks

Today I thought I'd post us some Colombian music. 'Navidad Negra'
which I addad as a bonustrack is a good example of music they
play in Colombia with Christmas. Pedro Laza is the man who wrote
lots of such songs. On 'El güiro' vocals by Daniel Santos, on 'La
cosecha de mujeres' vocals by José Maria Peñaranda.
On 'Cumbia en el monte' vocals by Pascual Rovira, on 'Navidad Negra'
vocals by Tito Cortes. On 'La calle 13' and 'La negra caliente'
vocals by Crescencio Gamacho.
As for me, I can play this type of music all year through, such
happy sound should be for always.


1 El tachuelo
2 La rabadilla
3 El San Anterano
4 La champeta
5 Playa blanca
6 Aurora
7 Mosaico
8 Puya Bayunquera
9 Tu recuerdo
10 Las mañanitas

- Bonustracks;

11 Navidad negra
12 La negra caliente
13 Cumbia en el monte
14 El güiro
15 La boquillera
16 La cosecha de mujeres
17 La calle 13

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Miguel Aceves Mejía - Cantares de Mexico, RCA Victor

On this Christmas night I've got something special.
I recently found a few 10" EP's on RCA Victor from several Mexican
artists. Among them was this fine oldie, I think it must be from
the 50's. On the web I found just little about Miguel. What I did
find was that Youtube has two films of tracks on this EP.
The first track, "Ella" is here
And track 3 is here.
I wish the world a fine night with this sweet piece of Mariachi.
One thing, it's got some snaps, crackles and pops.
Look and listen to Miguel Aceves Mejía.


1 Ella
2 Cuando el destino
3 Entre copa y copa
4 Por un amor
5 Orgullosa y bonita
6 Tu, solo tu
7 La que sea
8 El rebelde

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Global Sampler vol. 18

This Sampler shows you the eruptions
from between nov.18 and nov. 30.
Beware; hot material !


1 Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz - Cool money
2 Pamelo Mounk'a - l'Argent apelle l'argent
3 Fantastic Tchico - Reviens Chouchou
4 Alfredo Valdes y su Charanga - La fiesta no es para feos
5 Ouza - Wethe
6 sir Shina Adewale - Owuro lawa
7 Nelson Cavaquinho - A flor e o espinho
8 Oliver de Coque - Ten commandments
9 Le Fantastic Pambou Tchicaya Tchico - From Congo to Nigeria
10 Les Super Shleu - Marie-Annick


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ruts DC - Rhythm Collision, Bohemian Records 1982

To have us a little variety, I thought some dub wouldn't
hurt. Early 80's, when we were listening to loads of reggae,
this LP came out and dublovers as we were, it scored enormously.
I am still thrilled to hear it after all those years.
Engineered by Mad Professor, Dub along groovers.


1 Whatever we do
2 Militant
3 Push yourself-Make it work
4 Rhythm collision
5 Accusation
6 Pleasures of the dance
7 Weak heart dub
8 Love and fire

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Sam Mangwana, Eddy'Son
Consortium Mondial 1979

It's been some time since we saw Sam Mangwana at the GG. This one
is on Eddy'Son Consortium and I think he plays on it too,
Sam Mangwana mentions his name somewhere. On the photo
I think we see Pablo Lubadika, Bopol Mansiamina, Syran and Sam.
Do you agree ? Not the worst line-up I'd say, what great artists.
Track #1 was on a previous posted LP aswell, but in different version.
1 Georgette Eckin's
2 Souzana Koulibali
3 Eyebana
4 International Mabouya

African System Orchestra -
Canon Kpa Kum,
Rogers All Stars 1981

This is a Nigerian record, made by a band that exists mainly
out of Camerounian musicians. Many came to Nigeria when oil
was found and economy grew. By the middle of the 80's, many left
again. Music styles started to fuse and this LP is a good example,
it contains Highlife, Soukous, Makossa, all stirred, not shaken.
Seriously, this is great music.


1 Canon kpa kum
2 Cordelia my choice
3 African system no 1
4 Baby Agnes


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anibal Velásquez y su Conjunto, Pop DCM Venezuela

Colombian acordeonist Anibal Velásquez is back at GG with a rare
album on a Venezolan label; Pop DCM. I found this one in Paris
on my last visit. It contains 12 great songs that will make
you dance across the room. One of my biggest Colombian idols.


1 Ojos verdes
2 La maestranza
3 Linda Catirita
4 Coqueto de agua
5 Noche Sabanera
6 A Maracaibo
7 El resucitado
8 La tranca
9 Mejor que te vayas
10 Fiesta de la Chinita
11 El pachanguero
12 El ron con con

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Israel Vibration - Why You So Craven, Arrival 1981

One of my all time favourite reggae bands is Israel Vibration.
These three singers change places all the time, when one takes
the lead, the other two do background vocals.
Their songs are always friendly and the overall feeling you
get is one of ultimate sympathy. When you have the CD of this
album, you'll find that they, for some reason, turned the picture
mirrorwise. This is the original LP with the original photo.
If I am right it is from 1981, please correct me if I'm wrong.
Mixed by Scientist and produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes at
Channel One Studio's.


1 Universal father
2 Why you so craven
3 On Jah solid rock
4 Jah is the way
5 Highway robbery
6 Give thanks and praise
7 What's the use
8 Smack right jam
9 Morning light

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Riachao, Batatinha e Panela - Samba da Bahia, Fontana 1978

Ever since I heard this album, I'm a fan of Riachao, he's got
such a pleasant voice. And his sambas are just delightful.
He can easily be seen next to Nelson Cavaquinho or Cartola.
One of Brasil's greatest 'Sambistas'.
Batatinha and Panela deserve to be on this album too
but my attention goes out to the A-side.


1 Riachao - Vou chegando
2 Riachao - Fúfú
3 Riachao - Terra hospitaleira
4 Riachao - Cada macaco no seu galho
5 Riachao - Pitada de tabaco
6 Riachao - Ousado e mosquito
7 Riachao - Até amanha
8 Batatinha - Diplomacia
9 Batatinha - Ministro do samba
10 Batatinha - Inventor do trabalho
11 Batatinha - Direito de sambar
12 Panela - Nao suje meu caixao
13 Panela - O patrao é meu pandeiro

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sir Shina Adewale and the Superstars International - Superstar Verse 4, Wel-Kadeb Records 1978

We had an LP by these guys some time ago. Shina Peters and
Segun Adewale know what a good piece of Juju is all about.
They also have great taste in clothing, don't you think ?


1 Baba wa loke a dupe
- To ju wa
- Bobo Doherty
- Alhaji Ibrahim Danbaba
- Alhaji Volvo
2 Eniti koni onigbeja
- Jesu gba mi
- Yiyan takata nyan
- Alhaji muyideen agunbiade
- Superstars loye yi kan
- Ijesha progessive union ( Kano )

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Joseito Mateo - Pa' lante y pa' trás, Discos Fuentes

This is one of the greatest Merengue singers and he comes
out on one of the greatest labels. Discos Fuentes de Medellin
Colombia brought out many albums by greats like Joseito Mateo.
Very hard to find some good background information.
Merengue like it's meant to be.


1 La secretaria
2 La yerbita
3 Quisqueya
4 Merengue yeye
5 La justicia
6 Picolina
7 Pa' lante y pa' trás
8 La fiesta de los monos
9 Festival de merengues
10 Agarralo que eso es tuyo
11 Un domingo sin ti

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Original Shleu-Shleu - Original Shleu Shleu Soul, SS Records

This is one of the LP's I promised to rip some time ago.
Someone asked, "What does Shleu-Shleu mean ?", the sleevenotes
on this LP say, "Shleu-Shleu is the name of some mysterious
African tribe." As for me, that's just fine. The music is so
fantastic here, you can't stop dancing. A killer from
beginning to end. Compas with a Soulful kind of Gypsie feel.
Thanks for waking me Arnaud.


1 Poté colé
2 Toujou juré
3 Pran courage
4 Green light
5 Kann Kalé
6 Zoizo lan bois
7 O.S.S. Merengue

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Doble R" Super Special Stars - Di Paranda.!?, Studio Fidelis 1978

As the French do, the Netherlands also have their Antilles
in the Caribbean. Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba , Saint Eustatius
and Saint Maarten, called the Netherlands Antilles.
From Curaçao, this is "Doble R", on this LP they perform
in 'Papiamento', a language called after the Portuguese words
'papia and papear' which mean; 'to babble'.
In Curaçao this is the language most spoken, next to Dutch.
Hope you like it Arnaud, I'll make a compilation with some
Antillian music, sung in Dutch, when I find the time.
Listen to Doble R.


1 Paranda awe !
2 Amor pa semper
3 So, so
4 Pronkami
5 Korsow felis
6 Pura komedia
7 Ami si ta kuri
8 Relax
9 Auto biew

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22 Band - "venez voir !!..",
Editions Syliphone Conakry 1980

Here's another 1980 Syliphone release, 22 Band.
Exept from the fact that it's Guinean Mandingo, I know
nothing about this album. If anyone can fill us in here,
To find out more we depend on someone's online expertise.
One thing I do know, very nice album.


1 Venez voir
2 Madomani
3 Atoni yarabi lema
4 Mousso la tintani
5 Jeunesse bar
6 Kanaworebe


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Los Guaracheros de Oriente, Ansonia

I have never heard one bad tune by these guys, everything
they play sounds great. This is an oldie on Ansonia, anyone
who knows from what year it is ? Los Guaracheros de Oriente
played all over the globe and with great succes everywhere.
From the almost unreal amount of downloads on the previous
LP I posted by these men, I would say, don't miss it !


1 El tira y jala
2 Migajas de cariño-aquella boca
3 La fiesta de los feos
4 Como tu
5 Soy un peje
6 La mulata
7 Tatalibaba
8 Si llego a besarte
9 La juma de ayer
10 Embriagame
11 Asi cantaba
12 Compay Gallo


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Le Nimba de N'zerekore - Gön Bia Bia, Editions Syliphone Conakry 1980

From 1980 is this album by le Nimba de N'zerekore, Syliphone
brought out lots of albums by lots of bands in the 80's.
I could find no information on this group but I can tell
you this is a fine LP. Singers with sweet voice combined
with guitar driven afrojazz in west african sauce.
Superb rhythms and a great hornsection.


1 Gön bia bia
2 Kori magnin
3 Ziko
4 Babaniko
5 Kongoroko
6 Zoo Mousso

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Global Sampler vol. 17

To help you choose your picks, this is Sampler vol. 17.
It is meant to guide you along the postings between
november 5 and november 17. Hope U enjoy.


1 M'Bilia Bel - Bafosami
2 Mayaula Mayoni - Fiona-Fiona
3 Michael Prophet - Instruction
4 Zaiko Langa Langa - Elo 1&2
5 Chief Ebenezer Obey - Ojeje
6 Lita Branda - Tu no estas en nada
7 Bimi Ombale - Trop de problemes
8 Orquesta Aragón - El baile suavito
9 Ini Kamoze - Hail mi idren
10 Zani Diabate - Djegnogo djougou
11 Tapper Zukie - Go de natty
12 Ethiopian - Hard times


Ebenezer Obey & his International Brothers, Decca West Africa, 1969

Ebenezer is back here with an oldie, from 1969 this is 'Ebenezer
Obey in London'. On this LP the numbers are devided as to European
standards. It's been released in Lagos Nigeria by Decca West Africa.


1 Egba
2 Ijesha
3 Ibadan
4 Iba foluwa/Ajokadabi ile
5 Ijebu
6 Ondo/Ogbomosho
7 Ori mi ko ni buru
8 Ore se rere
9 Omoba sijuade/Moti wa e

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Various Artists - Tiger goes Calypso, West Indies Telco Record Division, late 60's

Somewhere probably late 60's, Esso made theirselves this
funny collector. They found Young Killer to make 'Tiger in
your tank' and collected a few big names to complete the set.
Mighty Sparrow and the Merrymen could also use a buck or two,
so they joined in. On track 4 we hear a steelband play ska,
that was the first time for me. The Don Drummond tribute
scores too, I am a big Don Drummond fan, legendary trombone.
All together we've got us a funny gem with a nice cover and
a few great tracks.


1 Young Killer - Tiger in your tank
2 Carlos Malcolm Orchestra - Tribute to Don Drummond
3 The Merrymen - Never on a sunday
4 Westside Symphony Orchestra - Jamaica ska
5 Clarence Curvan Orchestra - Mama dis is mas
6 The Mighty Sparrow - She's been gone too long
7 André Tanker Flamingoes - Linstead market
8 The Mighty Dougla - Leave me

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Chief Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister - Fuji Garbage, Siky Oluyole Records 1988

This is the first album with Fuji music on this page.
Fuji is a style from Yoruba-land, sometimes described as
Juju music without guitars. Originally, Fuji ( called after
Mount Fuji in Japan ) is based on muslim 'were', the singing
alarm clock songs, performed for early breakfast and prayers
during Ramadan. Sikiru Ayinde, better known by his fans as
Barrister, is the leading Yoruba fuji singer. Fuji is in
fact a quite complex style, drawing on Yoruba percussion
roots, while adding a muslim vocal feel. This LP has great
music but an awful cover to my opinion, ( apart from his
sunglasses ) don't look too much but just listen
to 'Barrister'.

By the way, as usual in this type of music, all songs are
melted together as one, I did not devide them.


1 Fuji Garbage
- Lau erebe
- Four jolly friends
2 O dowo agbagba
- Psychology
- Won oma doyika ni
- Awa lolorun fun
- Hawaiian system
- Otunba wahab oshinubi

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Pio Leiva - Sabor y Ritmo Tropical, Suaritos Records

It was in 1997, when 'Buena Vista Social Club' launched their
historic first cd with Ry Cooder, that I learned about Pio Leiva.
He was one of the singers, that worked with Compay Segundo
since the 50's. Leiva was one of the main performers of the
Montuno genre, they called him 'el Montunero de Cuba'.
He wrote the number 'Francisco Guayabal' that became a hit
via Beny Moré and played with Bebo Valdes and Noro Moralez.
I was one of the lucky visitors of the Amsterdam Carré Theater
when Wim Wenders made his movie of the Buena Vista Social Club,
an unforgettable evening.
This is an album on his own name and it's a great one.
Listen to Pio Leiva !


1 Mi chiquita
2 Bajo un palmar
3 Mireya
4 La juma de ayer
5 No te preocupes
6 Pescadores de Camaron
7 La noche buena
8 Un jardinero de amor
9 Torcuata
10 Que me digan feo
11 Cangrejada
12 Los golpes de caridad

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Sparrow - Calypso Carnival, La 1968

73 year old 'Mighty Sparrow' played at the Amsterdam Paradiso
tonight, and I went to see him with a friend. Our legend played
with a band from Surinam and I must say, he can still sing
with strong voice, I didn't expect. At some points the band
didn't quite know how to play what Slinger Francisco ( his
real name ) wanted to hear but in general they did their
medly's not too bad. The old Sparrow is still a lady killer,
from the moment he got on stage he was flirting with some of
the women in front. When he got carried away, wiggeling his
hips, he forgot his lines and just mumbled; " banana nana
Banana nana." In despite of his being a dirty old man, he
is still a living legend, and it was great to see him.
This is an album of 40 years ago, Sparrow must have been 33.
Hope you like it, enjoy Mighty Sparrow's Calypso Carnival.


1 Mr. Walker
2 Wood in the fire
3 Carnival in '68
4 Duncan
5 Jook for Jook
6 Jane
7 One hand man
8 Macco man
9 Crazy John
10 Calypso Boogaloo

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the World of Coupé Cloué, Mini Records 1979

December 10th already, this year runs to it's end. It's getting
colder outside but inside we are nice and warm. Especially when
we listen to tropical musicstyles like 'Compas'. "Coupé Cloué
was the nickname of professional footballplayer Jean Gesner
Henri ( 1925 - 1998 ) and became the name of his compas-direct
dance orchestra." ( Rough Guide )


1 l'International / Colé colé
2 Kiliboi
3 Louloune
4 Imploration

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oliver de Coque and his Expo '76, Olumo 1978

Oliver de Coque was a prolific guitarist who popularised the
'Ogene' dance, an inspiring style of Nigerian High Life.
Oliver Sunday Akanite was born in 1947 and started his music
career at the age of 11. He played on the Prince Nico Mbarga's
evergreen album "Sweet Mother" and recorded himself more than 70
albums that have next to great music, the funniest picture
covers around. King Chief Oliver de Coque died on june 20, 2008
in a hospital in Gbagada, Lagos, after struck by heart failure.
May he rest in peace. On this album 'de Coque' really makes true
his great name, on 'Baby don't cry' he seems to be calling chickens
with his guitar. For the occasion Oliver put on his most
special dress. Don't you just love that tigerprint ?


1 Ife chi kwulu geme ( Sound Ogene )
--Onye zogbulu nwambe ?
2 Baby don't cry
3 Go call police

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the Fantastic Pambou Tchicaya Tchico & his Waka Waka Band of Nigeria - Josintha, Namaco 1978

These guys don't like short names, 'the Fantastic Pambou Tchicaya
Tchico & his Waka Waka Band of Nigeria', quite a mouthful.
On the other hand, in this case I think they can afford it.
What a fantastic album this is indeed, to my opinion the
best Tchico on this page untill now.
" aon aon aon "


1 Mamy Rosa
2 Agatha - Agathy
3 Josintha, a Nigerian girl
4 Business before pleasure


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lord Creator - Jamaica Time, Studio One, mid 60's

When it comes to handling smooth ballads, Lord Creator always
was a class of his own. In the 60's he recorded Calypso
and also Ska, but his style was quite different from what
others were doing those days. Lord Creator was born Kentrick
Patrick in San Fernando, Trinidad, but spent a lot of years in
Jamaica. "When UB40 honoured the quality of his 'Kingston Town',
and included it on their 'Labour of Love' cover version album,
Creator was able to buy a house in Jamaica from the Royalties."
( Rough Guide )


1 Jamaica farewell
2 Big bamboo
3 Archie
4 Bad lucky
5 Blowing in the wind
6 Don't go away
7 End of the world
8 Independent Jamaica
9 Sweet Jamaica
10 Island woman
11 Yellow bird
12 The queen's canary
13 Ma and pa
14 John B.

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Global Sampler vol. 16

Sampling the albums from between 10/19 and 11/5,
this is volume 16.


1 Pamelo Mounk'a - Ce n'est pas ma secretaire
2 The Upsetters - Underground
3 Alfredo Gutierrez y su Conjunto - Ojos verdes
4 Thomas Mapfumo - Tozvireva kupiko
5 Super Etoile 2 de Dakar - Ndeetel weer wi
6 Super Etoile de Dakar - Alboury
7 Youssou N'dour et le Super Etoile - Gainde
8 Vongo Aye - Bolingo mobesu
9 Monguito - Chimbombo
10 The Upsetters - Dyon anaswa
11 Melcochita - Son de los viejitos
12 Rochereau Tabu Ley - Nin'zi
13 Rochereau Tabu Ley - Leki ya mongali... tosuki wapi
14 Theo Blaise Kounkou - Cherie Sylla
15 Miguel Quintana - El plato roto


Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz International - Family Movement, Rogers All Stars 1981

"If Sunny Ade carries the flag for Juju and Fela's Afrobeat
will, in time become a global source sound, then the late
Prince Nico will forever be Igbo Highlife." ( Rough Guide )
Always sharp looking Prince Nico Mbarga rocks once more !


1 Family movement
2 Home is home
3 Le pere de notre pays
4 Lost love

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Global Sampler vol. 15

To keep up the pace, this Sampler number 15.
It shows you posts from October 14 to October 19.


1 Le T.P.O.K. Jazz - Testament ya bowule
2 Le Poete Lutumba Simaro et le TPOK Jazz - Maclebert
3 Orchestre Régional de Mopti - Manden po
4 Canario y su Grupo - Cuando las mujeres quieren a los hombres
5 Zé Di - Quando meu Salgueiro desce
6 Johnnie Jordaan - De parel van de Jordaan
7 Roberto Rivas y Gente Morena - Arroz con concolon
8 Théo Blaise Kounkou - Bella Amicha
9 Angelo y su Conjunto Modelo - Maria Belen
10 Les Ambassadeurs - Mana mana
11 Pablo Lubadika Porthos - Osuki wapi
12 Théo Blaise Kounkou - Massy
13 Guillermo Portabales - Canto a la Vueltabajera


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fania All Stars - Several Hits

I had a request for a Salsa Compilation and it just so happens
this one was waiting on the shelf. It's a compilation I once made
for an old friend. We used to listen to these songs way back
early eighties. Only Fania All Stars here, for now.
I hope it answers to your expectations.


1 Pacheco y Monguito - Acere Cipriano
2 Celia, Ray y Adalberto - Nadie se salva de la rumba
3 Willie Colon - Te conozco
4 Pacheco y el Conde - Ponle punto
5 Fania All Stars - Por eso yo canto salsa
6 Pacheco y Monguito - Yo soy Cagueyrán
7 Fania All Stars - Dime que te pasa
8 Celia, Ray y Adalberto - Debes callar
9 Willie Colon - Juana Peña
10 Pacheco y el Conde - Primoroso cantar
11 Pacheco y Monguito - Ven y ven
12 Pacheco y el Conde - Cositas buenas
13 Fania All Stars - Quitate tu


Global Sampler vol. 14

To guide you along and through our posts between
October 4, 2008 and October 15, 2008, here's
Global Sampler vol. 14.
Hope you to find what you like !


1 Van Dyke Parks - G-Man Hoover
2 Luambo Makiadi - Belela authenticité na congres ya mpr 1er
3 Lui Lepke - Sharron
4 Oliver Mtukudzi - Mukombe
5 Kambou Clement - Dounougnan
6 The Super Railband - Konowale
7 Johnny Ringo - Don't know much
8 Muddy Ibe & his Nkwa Brothers System - Kwuo ka ira
9 Ramito - En el monte del olvido
10 Alton Ellis - These eyes
11 Romica Puceanu - Geaba mai ma duc acasa
12 David 'Fefe' Diambouana - Nikeumbu kuaya-bika
13 Orchestre Afrisa International - Aon-aon
14 Sam Mangwana - Tchimurenga Zimbabwe


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beth Carvalho - Nos Botequins da Vida, RCA Victor 1977

Absolutely crazy for some good samba, we've got us this 1977
record of Beth Carvalho. She's always in for some old fashion
stuff. With numbers of Nelson Cavaquinho, Cartola, Aniceto
and Carlos Cachaça, this can't go wrong. Listen to that
7-string Brazilian guitar, great sound.
Great cover too, lots of beerbottles, in the bars of life.


1 Saco de feijao
2 Olho por olho
3 Lá vem ela chorando
4 Deus nao castiga ninguém
5 Vingança
6 As moças
7 Se você me ouvisse
8 Carro de boi
9 Cuidado com a minha viola
10 Desengano
11 Sempre só
12 O mundo é um moinho

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Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz International - Lucky Marriage !, Roger's All Stars 1981

The album presented tonight was reguested by one of our visitors.
Prince Nico Mbarga was luckily married, as you can hear in track
one of this LP. Who knows another African artist with a Mercedes
almost like this one ?


1 Lucky marriage
2 Nnwa di mma
3 Welcome
4 Aye yi mole

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