Sunday, August 31, 2008

Super Diamono de Dakar - Mam', Mélodie 1984

This week we had such great response on Senegalese music, I
decided to spoil you Groovers a bit more.
After 'People' by Super Diamono de Dakar, this is 'Mam'',a live
registration, recorded at 'Flight Mobile Studio' in Paris, in 1984.
Mostly I'm not such fan of 'Live' records, but again it was that
superb titletrack that pulled me in. Omar Pene's sweet voice
is undeniable and touches you at heart.
So, from Reggae we moved on to Samba and via some Soul music
back to Africa, I rest my case !


1 Rewu taax
2 Yoon wi
3 Dou wey
4 Ngem
5 Mam'

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Syl Johnson - Diamond in the Rough, Hi 1974

To increase the variety today, we'll have us a soul album.
This is Syl Johnson, one of the biggest stars at the 'Hi-stable'.
Like most albums at 'Hi', it is produced by Willie Mitchell,
the man who made Al Green sign up at Hi. He produced Green's
best work. The sound of this album is typical for Hi records
of this era. Another big star at Hi was ofcourse 'Ann Peebles',
we'll see her back later. Now it's time for the raw soul of
our man Syl Johnson, get down to it !


1 Let yourself go
2 Don't do it
3 I want to take you home ( to see mama )
4 Could I be falling in love
5 Stuck in Chicago
6 Diamond in the rough
7 Keeping down confusion
8 Please, don't give up on me
9 Music to my ears
10 I hear the love chimes

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Carlos Cezar e os Demônios da Garoa - É de Samba, Chantecler 1968

This Samba LP is from 1968, now I didn't buy this one then,
I was only 10. No this LP I found in Brazil some years ago.
It's the group Adoniran Barbosa worked with for many years.
They know how to kick some samba-ass.
Carlos Cezar's way of singing sounds a bit old fashon but
the samba is strong enough to pull it through to my opinion.
What do you think ?


1 Palhaço
2 Favela
3 A Lapa
4 Helena Helena
5 Meu consolo é você
6 Falta um zero no meu ordenado
7 Laurindo
8 Nao me diga Adeus
9 A corôa do rei
10 Praça onze
11 Cabelos brancos
12 O orvalho vem caindo

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Winston Jarrett & the Righteous Flames, Sonic Sounds 1978

Today's Sunday is about Variety.
It's so essential to have some, it keeps us sharp.
This LP is one of the first reggae-albums I bought in my life.
It's from 1978, I was 20 in those days.
I always loved it and still do today, if you click on the backcover
you can easily see why, a huge personal favourite.


1 Man of the ghetto
2 Jungle collie
3 Sheriff and his deputy
4 Fear not almighty dread
5 Sleepers
6 Chucky hark and shark
7 Kaya
8 My sheep
9 Cry to me
10 Born to be loved

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Global Sampler vol. 4

To make you pick some more fruits from the Global Groove Tree.
This is Sampler no. 4, it takes you through the posts between
May 27 and June 4. Hope you find some of your liking !


1 johnny Pacheco - Fania
2 Jacob Miller - Don't let money fool you
3 Beth Carvalho - Goiabada-cascao
4 Sam Mangwana - Zewa idée
5 Byron Lee - Jamaica Jump-Up
6 Alfredo Valdes - La mulata Cubana
7 Climaco Sarmiento - Cumbia Sabrosa
8 Johnny Pacheco - Soy hijo del Siboney
9 Scientist - Under surveilance
10 Rubens da Mangueira e amigos - Casa cheia
11 Youssou N'Dour et le Super Etoile de Dakar - Immigres-Bitim rew
12 Roberto Torres - Me matan pero yo gozo
13 Willie Colon - Juana Peña
14 Gregory Isaacs - Black liberation struggle
15 Pat Thomas - Asante kotoko
16 Pedrinho Rodrigues e os Nacionais - Mexe mexe
17 Maria Creuza - Pouco importa
18 Israel Vibration - Survive


Friday, August 29, 2008

Keletigui et ses Tambourinis -
Le Retour, Editions Syliphone Conakry 1976

Here's one more requested post, but remember I don't have much of
this stuff. My copy of this rare LP looks so brand new, and still
I can't seem to find any signs of it being re-released. It must
be a collectors-item in mint condition. Or I'm just being plane
stupid, that happens sometimes.
This sweet album was recorded in 1976.
It takes you on a West-African trip, you won't forget !


1 Maxi mirimagni
2 Maderi
3 Dembati
4 Sökhö
5 Kassimagni
6 Kebakele

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Johnny Pacheco / Hector Casanova - Los Amigos, Fania 1979

As you might have noticed I am a big fan of Johnny Pacheco.
Well, he's back, this time with Hector Casanova and they are friends.
The album is produced and directed by Johnny, Hector takes care
of the vocal parts. Johnny Pacheco and Ramon Rodriguez backgr.
vocals. Other personel; Louis Ortiz, Hector Zarzuela, Ray Maldonado,
Papo Lucca, Sal Cuevas, Eddie Montalvo, Louis Mangual, Charlie
Rodriguez and Santiago Ceron.
Enjoy this,


1 Agua de clavelito
2 La mulata
3 Los pollos no tienen dientes
4 Yo quiero morir cantando
5 Sale a buscar
6 El rey
7 Si la tierra tiembl
8 Adoracion
9 Chamaca
10 Me llevaron la cartera

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Super Diamono de Dakar - People, Encore 1987

From over a decade later, this is 'Super Diamono de Dakar'.
The group has at least two members of Super Jamano, Omar Pene
and Moustapha Fall. Mbalax grew quite a bit older and sounds
very modern here. I always loved track no. 8, live version
of 'Mam'. Great guitarwork by 'Lamine Faye'.


1 Soweto
2 Mansani Cisse
3 Borom Darou
4 Lou Bax
5 Souboba
6 Artist
7 Mansani Cisse instr.
8 Mam

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Super Jamano de Dakar - Geedy Dayaan, Soumbouya Musique, mid 70's

Okay, on special request some more old stuff from Senegal.
With a psychadelic touch this is another Mbalax group from
the Dakar 70's, Super Jamano de Dakar. I found some discussion
on the internet about who is playing and singing on this LP.
I'll tell you; on bass - Baila Diagne, solo guitar -
Papa Gasse, El Hadj Ousmane Diagne - Organ, Synthesizer and piano.
Aziz Seck - Drums, Omar Pene - African percussion,
Bassirou Diagne - vocals, Amadou Baye Diagne - backgr. vocals.
Cheikh H Sabidou Niasse - Trumpet, Moustapha Fall - trombone,
Ndiaga Samb and Tonia Lo on Alt Saxophone.
It was recorded at the Jandeer Night Club in Dakar, mid 70's.
Enough talk, better go listen !


1 Yamatee nee law
2 Indu waad
3 Cuur ngonee ngalang
4 Muugn
5 Manduleen
6 Geedy Dayaan

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Global Sampler vol. 3

Global Groove's Samplers are meant to help you find
the posts you're looking for. With this 3rd volume, you
can follow the posts from May 22 to May 27.
Click on the month of May in the sidebar to unfold it.
Each track represents an LP listed in chronologic order.
This third volume stands out in diversity, just how
we like it, hope you do too !


1 Fruko - Lontananza
2 Los Teen Agers - Pachanga del futbol
3 Fruko - Yo pongo la plata
4 Bezerra da Silva - Punhado de bambas
5 Rey Jordao - Caboclo porrete
6 Zeca Pagodinho - Jogo de caipira
7 Jovelina Pérola Negra - Conselho de vizinho
8 Miguel Duran - India matea
9 Dzansever - Ki zandana me karamav
10 Gregory Isaacs - Love overdue
11 Dr. Alimantado - Plead I cause
12 Dicró - Sitio do Joao
13 Toinho de Alagoas - Namoro no escuro
14 José y los Reyes - Gitan poete
15 Miriam Makeba - Pata pata
16 Yellowman - Shorties
17 Etoile de Dakar - N'guiro na
18 La Sonora Dinamita - Ay chave


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Global Sampler, volume 2

I think I have been a little over-productive this weekend, but
that's okay. I had a good time ripping all these old LP's again.
I use to transfer them to CD first, using a Sony CD Recorder.
A pure audio device, not linked to PC or what so ever.
Then I rip that 'mother-CD' at 320 kbps using Winamp Pro.
It's a process that takes some time but gives great quality rips.

This is Global Sampler, vol. 2, it samples the posts from between
May 13 and May 19.
Global Sampler vol. 1, covered May 6 to May 13.
Have fun with it !

On monday and tuesday I don't have much time to post,
so you'll have to enjoy yourself..


1 M'Bilia Bel - Nakei Nairobi
2 Horace Andy - Stop the fuss
3 Master Mwana - Brigitte
4 Rochereau Tabu Ley - Loyenghe
5 Os Partideiros do Plá - É melhor pingar do que secar
6 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros - La cosecha de mujeres
7 La Sonora Dinamita - Se me perdio la cadenita
8 Aparecida - A Maria começa a beber
9 Composer - The argument
10 King Sunny Adé - Tolongo
11 Jovelina Pérola Negra - Menina, você bebeu
12 Aparecida - 17 anos
13 Joao Gilberto - Samba de pergunta
14 Anibal Velásquez - Pobre y viejo
15 Fruko - El preso
16 Pablo Lubadika Porthos - Madeleina
17 M'Bilia Bel - Boya ye


Ed Lincoln - A Volta, Musidisc 1964

Finishing post this Samba-Sunday is for an oldie. From 1964
Ed Lincoln comes in with a quite different type of samba.
His albums became wanted collectors objects after some dj's
worked on his tophit 'Cochise'.
'A Volta' is an LP he made after recovering from a car accident.
You can hear and see he's happy to be walking around again.


1 Ai que saudade dessa nêga
2 Eu vou tambem
3 The blues walk
4 Falaram tanto de você
5 Vou andar por ai
6 Deix'isso pra lá
7 Na onda do berimbau
8 Amar é bom
9 Palladium
10 Sacy perere
11 Sao Salvador
12 Voltei

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Jorginho do Império - Viagem Encantada, Polydor 1975

Jorginho do Império is back with another great LP.
Ever since I heard this LP first time, it was a clear thing, this
one's here to stay ! Very fine album by Jorginho, a must
have for every samba-lover. Listen.


1 Na beira do mar
2 Pot-pourri de Partido Alto,
- - Eu nao sou o que ela pensou
- - Mas como é linda
- - Nao mexe nao
3 Folha desabada
4 Choro em verde e branco
5 Tempo de criança
6 Benedita
7 Dinheiro vem, dinheiro vai
8 Samba sem cuíca
9 Juca operário
10 Deixa o Carnaval passar
11 Rei sem saber
12 Com açucar, sem mistério
13 Viagem encantada

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Roberto Ribeiro - Fala meu Povo !, EMI / Odeon 1980

Quite a bit younger is this LP by Roberto Ribeiro. I think it
is one of his very best. It was waiting on the pile for this
samba-sunday apparently. Enjoy these 12 great compositions.


1 Resto de esperança
2 Jura
3 O patrao pediu serao
4 Artificio
5 Planta imortal
6 Ebó
7 Vem
8 Quem lucrou fui eu
9 Só chora quem ama
10 Quem sabe amanha
11 Gamaçao danada
12 Heróis da liberdade

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Os Batuqueiros e As Mulatas - Mete Bronca Batuqueiro ( Operaçao Samba ), RCA Camden 1972

This Sunday is Samba Sunday !

From 1972, these are 'Os Batuqueiros', together with 'As Mulatas'
they provide us with a splendid piece of early 70's samba.
With songs of Paulinho da Viola and Martinho da Vila on RCA,
this can't go wrong !


1 Partido alto
2 Ninguem tasca ( o gaviao )
3 Minhas razoes
4 Dose pra Leao
5 Festa para um rei negro
6 Guardei minha viola
7 Alô fevereiro
8 Esperanças perdidas
9 Nó na cana, Tia Maria
10 Balança povo

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cartola - Cartola, Discos Marcus Pereira 1976

It must have been 6 years ago, when I saw 'Cidade de Deus'
in a local theatre. When 'Preciso me encontrar' by Cartola
came by, I was deeply impressed and had to find out what
it was immediately. Since the day I discovered Cartola,
I've been in love with his music. This album is só beautiful,
I don't say this often, but it is almost perfect.
I am certainly not the first blogger to post it but it felt
almost like an obligation to rip it once more.


1 O mundo é um moínho
2 Minha
3 Sala de recepçao
4 Nao posso viver sem ela
5 Preciso me encontrar
6 Peito vazio
7 Aconteceu
8 As rosas nao falam
9 Sei chorar
10 Ensaboa
11 Senhora Tentaçao
12 Cordas de aço

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Global Sampler vol. 1

I decided to help you Global Groovers a little bit in finding
what you like on this page. The idea is to bring you a series
of Samplers, starting with volume 1 today. Each volume will guide
you through my previous posts in chronologic order.
So, vol. 1, track 1, is a song from the very first post by
Dr. Victor Olaiya. track 2 is from the second LP, by Guillermo
Buitrago, and so on. Volume 1 covers the first 18 albums.
After some time the series will give a complete overview of
what we have to offer. I created the cover from a collage
I made, called "Chupa". Hope you digg !


1 Dr. Victor Abimbola Olaya - Omo pupa
2 Guillermo Buitrago - Grito vagabundo
3 Os cinco crioulos - Arrasta a sandália
4 Tapper Zukie - MPLA
5 Rubao - Madeira de jequitibá
6 Rochereau et Franco - Ngungi
7 Partido Alto, Nota 10 - Malandro demais vira bicho
8 Raymond Naptali - Gimme gimme sensemillia
9 Alcione - A volta do mundo
10 Mighty Composer - Child training
11 Papaíto - Que no muera el son
12 The Twinkle Brothers - Miss labba labba
13 Aracy de Almeida - Você me paga o que fez
14 Sam Mangwana - Tika nasakola
15 Sister Nancy - Pegion rock
16 Os Originais do Samba - Saudosa maloca
17 Lord Kitchener - Get up and get
18 Clara Nunes - Tributo aos Orishás


Damiron y Chapuseaux - Selecciones Premiadas, Tropical

We've seen them before on this page, some weeks ago.
When 'Merengue' was born, they were there at it's cradle.
This is an oldie by 'Damiron y Chapuseaux', exept for the
titles, no information is given. Hope you like it.


1 Arrimate cariñito
2 Para vigo me voy
3 Mañana
4 Cosa linda
5 Tropical rhapsody
6 La culebra
7 Bonita
8 Piruli
9 Santa
10 Se boto el bongo

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National Badema, Kasse Mady, Syllart 1983

'Mandingo' is Mali music from the Niger area. And to complicate
things a bit more, there is 'Malinke' and the more aggressive and
swinging 'Bambara'. The golden voice of 'Kasse Mady Diabate' is one
of West-Africa's biggest. He was appointed lead singer in the
official group of the republic, the National Badema of Mali.
First song is a true story about 'Nama', the driver of a motor
pirogue that drowned crossing the river Niger in 1971.
it takes 23 minutes and is pure Malenke.
Second a song about gossip and backbiting,
that takes some 16 minutes and is 'Bambara',
and third, praising 'Namory Keita',
one of the founders of the group, 8 minutes and Cuban based.


1 Nama
2 Fognana kuma
3 Namory

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Pedrinho Rodrigues - Tem que Balançar, Musidisc 1962

From 1962 this is quite a rare album. Co-produced by Ed Lincoln,
I'm under the impression that he is also playing on some of the
tracks. This LP is a true collector since many dj's used it for
their sampling activity's. The warm sound of Pedrinho's voice
captures you straight away, my favourite #; 'Salgueiro chorao'.


1 Pourquoi ( Néga sem sandália )
2 Tem que balançar
3 Vivendo de ilusao
4 Baiana das 4 saias
5 Salgueiro chorao
6 Confissao
7 Falsa Baiana
8 Mulata assanhada
9 Eu nao tenho onde morar
10 Aconteceu
11 Conformaçao
12 Tristeza de nós dois

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Star Band de Dakar - Star Band de Dakar,
Soumbouya Musique 1980

What we have here is something quite special.
Some time ago we had 'Etoile de Dakar', now an LP from
before that time. This is 'Star Band de Dakar', already with
Youssou N'Dour but for instance also 'Laba Sosseh' sings his part.
Funny thing, track #3, 'Danguele Fasso' was written by
Larry Harlow. Youssou N'Dour sings on track 4 & 5.
Fantastic playing by Assane Thiam on 'Tama'.
I'm sure we got some happy Global Groovers right now !


1 Adioupe nar
2 Laye laye kaïra
3 Danguele fasso
4 Bouna n'diaye
5 Kelendi
6 Vali n'diaye

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orchestra Harlow - Salsa, Fania 1974 the mean time, Blogging goes on !

Hey Groovers, have you heard this one ?
Incredibly good album by Larry Harlow's Orchestra, Larry
plays the piano and orchestrates like no other. This is a
killer from the beginning till the end, fireworks I'd say.
Junior Gonzalez' vocals, Pacheco's flute, and


1 No quiero
2 La cartera
3 Popo pa'mi
4 No hay amigo
5 Sueltame
6 El paso de encarnacion
7 Wampo
8 Silencio

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We must keep our promises !

A few days ago I received a mail from Mr. Olivier Chastan of
'Greensleeves Records and Publishing'.
He kindly asked me to remove 13 of my dearest reggae-albums.
As a collector of reggae and many other kinds of music,
I am very grateful for 'Greensleeves' to issue such great music.
Without them I wouldn't have been able to learn so much about it.
Although I regret removing this fantastic music, I must be honest
and do so as I promised.
Groovers, go to the recordshop and ask for Greensleeves Records,
they release the coolest reggae on earth.

I hope you understand that I am just a collector,
the only goal is to let the world hear how great
all this music is. Ofcourse we don't want to harm
anybody's business.
Promotion of artists and labels is the idea,
I don't know about you, but if I download an
album and I learn about artists that I didn't know yet,
I go to the stores and try to find out more.

You should do so too !

Mr. Chastan's letter is added below;

" Good morning -

I love your blog which brings a lot of rare and out of print titles
out of the dustbin of music’s history. However, I would appreciate
it if you could remove the following releases which are all readily
available at major record stores, on all digital platforms for
download and via Amazon. I spend a lot of money each year getting
these titles remastered from the original tapes, repackaged and
with expanded track selections, and of course marketing them. I
find it hard to understand why you post these titles when they
are easy to purchase. They are also available on vinyl if you like.
Thank you for your understanding.

Barrington Levy – Englishman
Lee Perry – Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread (via our
affiliate VP Records)
Linval Thompson – Stay A Little Bit Longer (will be reissued
next year)
Yellowman & Fathead – Supermix (will be reissued later next
Hugh Mundell – Blackman’s Foundation
Barrington Levy – Teach Me Culture
Yellowman – Operation Radication (available on Reggae Anthology
and other titles)
Dr. Alimantado – Best Dressed Chicken (it’s the first album
in our catalog and one of our top seller – and you mispelled
Sister Nancy – One, Two
Scientist – Rids The World Of The Evil Curse (we are reissuing
all of Scientist’s albums in February 2009 and spent a LOT of
money on those)
Scientist Encounters Pac-man
Augustus Pablo – Original Rockers

Olivier "

I am sorry, but you also misspelled Alimantado...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Le Grand Maitre Franco et le Tout Puissant O.K. Jazz - Ekaba - Kaba, Celluloid

Fnal post tonight is claimed by 'Le Grand Maitre Franco'. Ekaba-kaba was waiting some time on the postingpile already.
Franco practically can't go wrong to my opinion, 29 minutes,
only three songs, but great stuff like always.


1 Ekaba - Kaba
2 Mobembo ekosila titi
3 Cherie A

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Mahmoud Ahmed - Erè Mèla Mèla, Buda Musique

From Mali and Nigeria we go to Ethiopia, this music is unique
in it's kind. Terms like 'Melancholy blues', 'Brassy Danceable
Urban Jazz', 'Heart-wrenching' are named but it remains hard to
give a proper discription of this sound. Anyway, it is very nice
and Mahmoud Ahmed is one of their Biggest artists, it was originally
issued in 1975 but this is a recent re-release, listen !


1 Abbay mado - Embwa bèlèw
2 Atawurulegn léla
3 Tezeta
4 Ohoho gédama
5 Ebakesh tarèqign
6 Erè mèla mèla Mètché nèw
7 Sedètègnash nègn - Samerayé
8 Endénèsh gèdawo

Link has been removed on request of publisher !

Ikenga - Super Stars of Africa, AIT 1976

This here LP contains some classic Nigerian Highlife.
Quite hard to find material from Nigeria's 70's, I was
lucky many years ago. At first it seems they still have to
get warm but then it starts to run smooth after a while.
It's the type of record that gets better the more you play it.
I aleady Love it ! Don't miss this one.


1 Peace movement social club of Nigeria
2 Shakara school girl
3 Olu ugbo ( operation feed the nation )
4 Men of today

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Legendary Bands of Mali - Mali Music, Stern's 1988

Good morning Groovers, this Sunday will be all African.
First in row today we have a collector of Malian Music, the
6 groups on this LP give a good impression of what was going
on early 70's in Mali. The legendary Rail Band already passed by
recently. This time we hear Salif Keita perform with the group.
Most of these recordings were made shortly after the
1970 bi-annual festival in Bamako. Check this.


1 Orchestre Rail Band de Bamako - Mali cèbalenw
2 Orchestre Regional de Segou - Batumanbe
3 Orchestre National 'A' de la Republique du Mali - Janfa
4 Orchestre Regional de Mopti - Rècital ( Sèkou Amadou )
5 Orchestre Regional de Kayes - Nanyuman
6 Orchestre Regional de Sikasso - Mali sènèkèlaw
7 Orchestre Regional de Kayes - Kayi
8 Orchestre National 'A' de le Republique du Mali - Duga

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Orquesta Revé - Rumberos Latino-Americanos,

Elio Revé Matos, (right side)( picture; 'the Rough Guide' on World Music )

Forget about this cover and check the music !

One of Cuban's styles born out of 'Son' is 'Changüí'.
It's main performer is without doubt the late 'Elio Revé Matos',
He died in a car accident in 1997, a great loss to Cuban music.
The LP I ripped for you, by Orquesta Revé, is a fine example of
his fantastic sound. It's cover is awful but it's music is great.
I've added the cover they used for the later issued cd.


1 Ruñidera
2 Rumberos Latino-Americanos
3 Se que tu sabes que yo se
4 Changüí campanero
5 La boda en bicicleta
6 Que lastima me da contigo mi amor
7 Tan linda
8 21 de Mayo

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mose Se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Somo Somo, Stern's 1985

The London Stern's label always brings quality in African music.
Mose Se Sengo 'Fan Fan' used to be Franco's sideman for years.
Since he moved to England in 1984 he's become known and loved for
his hard-charging guitar style.( 'Rough Guide' )
I especially like the hornsection on this '85 London session.


1 Mose se 2000
2 Masikini ya mola
3 Jamy jamy
4 Mele
5 Cheko

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pacheco - The Artist, Fania 1977

Hello Groovers, your long waiting is finally rewarded.
Johnny Pacheco takes us for another New York Salsa ride,
and he knows the way like no other. Pacheco, 'the Artist'.


1 Esa prieta
2 La yerba brava
3 Mi propia sangre
4 La chiva
5 Dirindinde
6 El inventor
7 Amarra el perro
8 Tu no sabes na
9 Ileana
10 Corso y montuno

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Israel Vibration - The Same Song, EMI 1979

Another 1979 treasure, I was 21 years old and still lived in a single
12 square meter room. When I play this LP, I go back in time and see
myself in that room. Funny how music always associates with something.
Israel Vibration is back with a true beauty.


1 The same song
2 Weep & mourn
3 Walk the streets of glory
4 Ball of fire
5 I'll go through
6 Why worrie
7 Lift up your conscience
8 Prophet has arise
9 Jah time has come
10 Licks & kicks

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Martinho da Vila - Batuque na Cozinha, RCA Victor 1972

From 1972 this is a fantastic piece of samba. I am not the first
one to post 'Batuque na Cozinha' but this one can't be posted
enough. Martinho gathered only the very best musicians for
this session, if you see the line-up you shall agree.
Check back-cover for details.
If you like samba, this is a must-have.


1 Balança povo
2 Xô, chuva miúda
3 Na outra encarnaçao
4 Quem lhe disse que eu chorei ?
5 Marejou
6 Sambas de roda e Partido-Alto
7 Batuque na cozinha
8 Maria da hora
9 Onde o Brasil aprendeu a liberdade
10 Jubiabá
11 Saudade e samba
12 Calango longo

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Various Artists - Propaganda, A & M Records 1979

It was 1979, in between Punk and New Wave when this collector came out.
When I was going through my records this morning and saw this LP,
I said to myself, good moment for 'Propaganda', the Olympics
in China started yesterday and there are still some 'Hot Items'
to be discussed, the Tibettan matter for instance.
Give Tibet back to the Tibettans !
And how do you like this cover ?


1 Granati Brothers - Go crazy
2 Joe Jackson - Throw it away
3 Joe Jackson - Come on
4 The Police - Landlord
5 The Police - Next to you
6 The Reds - Joey
7 Bobby Henry - Head case
8 Joe Jackson - Don't ask me
9 Squeeze - Slap & tickle
10 David Kubinec - Another lone ranger
11 Shrink - Valid or void

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Papaíto - Para mis Amigos, SAR 1984

Time for Latin again.
It was many years ago, that I thought I bought this LP,
came home from a fair with a totally different album inside.
So when I found it again, a few months ago, I checked it first,
bought it again and concluded I finally got it.
Very nice son by 'Mario Muñoz "Papaíto"', produced
by Roberto Torres.


1 Mi son hace sentir
2 Hay comentarios
3 Al romper la aurora
4 Buey viejo
5 Cimarrón
6 Guajira de mis amores

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Rail Band, Mory Kante, Syllart 1977

From Mali, this is the Rail Band.
Two great African singers started out in the Rail Band.
Salif Keita and Mory Kante of whom the second one is performing
on this here record. 'Le légendaire Orchestre du Buffet-hotel de
la gare de Bamako' was once their fantastic name.
By the time of this recording in 1977, Salif Keita had already
left the band, 'Djelimady Tounkara' with his sweet guitarskills
was the band's leader who wrote all their songs since 1975.


1 Wale numa lombaliya
2 Tie diuguya
3 Sinsimba
4 Balakononfing

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don Carlos and Gold - Them never know Natty Dread have him credential, Hitbound 1982

On Hitbound, which I think is a great label, this is another old
personal favourite. Don Carlos, former member of the original
'Black Uhuru', comes in with his buddy 'Gold'.
Take a look at this line-up and you see that you can't miss
this one. The sweet voice of Don Carlos persuades one and all.


1 Natty Dread have him credential
2 Ginalship
3 Come in girl
4 Ride on Christine
5 Jamaican woman
6 Dice cup
7 Rain all night
8 Hog and goat
9 Oh girl
10 Untrue girl

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Curtis Mayfield - O.S.T. Superfly, Curtom 1972

If you ask me ?
This is one of the best albums ever !
I am sure all senior blackmusic lovers already have this LP.
Maybe some youngsters don't have it YET.
I don't want to say to much, but if you do not have it, you're
supposed to download it right now !
This album is a very important document in the history of blackmusic.


1 Little child runnin wild
2 Pusherman
3 Freddie's dead
4 Junkie chase
5 Give me your love
6 Eddie you should know better
7 No thing on me
8 Think
9 Superfly

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nyboma - Doublé Doublé, Celluloid 1982

From Congo ( Zaire in those days ) this is Nyboma, who shared his
membership of the African All Stars with Sam Mangwana.
Before that, he participated in groups like 'Les Kamalés',
'L'Orchestre National du Zaire' and 'L'Orchestre Lipua Lipua'.
Unfortunately, track 1 and 3 have some ticks, still, a beauty.


1 Doublé doublé
2 Papy Sodolo
3 Kabanga
4 Asso M'Bele

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rebel Sunday, Six 12" Singles

This Sunday there's something in the air. I woke up today and
things started to go wrong immediately. Neighbours children
were screeming like crazy, stormy clouds packing together ove
 my hometown. Then the first two LP's I tried to rip, played me
parts, like nothing wanted. I even started to dislike the music I
had planned. Pfffffiew, holy... Okay, have coffee, walk the dog,
do something else and change the plan. That's how it came to me,
...Rebel Sunday, 6 late 70's and early 80's 12" Singles.
Hope you like'em !

The first 3 tracks are from Malcolm McLaren's 1983 single, of which
the A-side, first two tracks, was recorded in South Africa's Kyazulu
Land. Side B was recorded in New York and Tenessee with the
World's Famous Supreme Team Show.

Track 4 & 5 are from Frank Zappa's 1980 single, I don't wanna
get drafted. Spinned this one a lot on party's, anti war song.

tracks 6 & 7; The The - Perfect,
I remember very well when this single came out in 1983, it's warm
sounding organ and Matt Johnsons voice combine 'Perfect'.

tracks 8, 9 and 10, John Cale - Animal Justice " Hi, my name's
Arthur and I quitt, CHICKEN SHIT.." We played this one a hell
of a lot, John Cale single from 1977, old personal favourite !

tracks 11 & 12, Dept.S - I want I wasn't quite myself this
morning but not as depressed as the guys on this 12" single. "Suicide
 suicide, there's  only one way out" A bit too much maybe, but
great song by Dept.S, This one's from 1981, check it.

..and finally here's Mark Stewart & Mafia, a weird On-U Sound
12" single. Very original soundscaping by Adrian Sherwood, the DUB
Master. The year on this one must be around '82


1 Malcolm McLaren - Soweto
2 Malcolm McLaren - Zulu's on a timebomb
3 Malcolm McLaren - D'ya like scratchin'
4 Frank Zappa - I don't wanna get drafted
5 Frank Zappa - Ancient armaments
6 The The - Perfect
7 The The - The nature of virtue, version 2
8 John Cale - Chicken shit
9 John Cale - Memphis
10 John Cale - Hedda Gabbler
11 Dept.S - I want
12 Dept.S - Monte Carlo or bust
13 Dept.S - Put all the crosses in the right boxes
14 Mark Stewart & Mafia - Jerusalem, High ideals + Crazy dreams
15 Mark Stewart & Mafia - Liberty City