Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chief Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister - Fuji Garbage, Siky Oluyole Records 1988

This is the first album with Fuji music on this page.
Fuji is a style from Yoruba-land, sometimes described as
Juju music without guitars. Originally, Fuji ( called after
Mount Fuji in Japan ) is based on muslim 'were', the singing
alarm clock songs, performed for early breakfast and prayers
during Ramadan. Sikiru Ayinde, better known by his fans as
Barrister, is the leading Yoruba fuji singer. Fuji is in
fact a quite complex style, drawing on Yoruba percussion
roots, while adding a muslim vocal feel. This LP has great
music but an awful cover to my opinion, ( apart from his
sunglasses ) don't look too much but just listen
to 'Barrister'.

By the way, as usual in this type of music, all songs are
melted together as one, I did not devide them.


1 Fuji Garbage
- Lau erebe
- Four jolly friends
2 O dowo agbagba
- Psychology
- Won oma doyika ni
- Awa lolorun fun
- Hawaiian system
- Otunba wahab oshinubi

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jahcisco said...

Thank you.

moos said...


Neu Mejican said...

As a drummer, I love the Fuji. Thanks for this one and all the other great posts.

Riliwan said...

Its one of the best from the house of fuji.Thanks you so much

Anonymous said...

this album is so GREAT!!!! i read of fuji, but listening to it, it flashs me completly.... great,
thxs mr moos.. u r the best!!!