Monday, November 10, 2008

Miriam Makeba - Makeba Sings, RCA Victor 1965

Miriam Makeba 1932 - 2008 , R I P

Monday, November 10,
Last night, 76 years old, Miriam Makeba died after getting
unwell on stage, she was still performing.
I would like to pay my respect to Africa's most famous
female singer of all time with this LP.
For the full story, I'll link you to this_article.


1 Cameroon
2 Woza
3 Little bird
4 Chove-chuva
5 Same moon
6 Kilimanjaro
7 Khawuyani-khanyange
8 Wind song
9 Khuluma
10 Let's pretend
11 Beau Chevalier
12 Maduna

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Anonymous said...

Yes wonderful, thanks. Remember this one fondly from my 'hip' parents collection. A few more at skarastafunk in syliphone thread...

avocado kid said...

rip miriam...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lp. A sad day, indeed. RIP Mama Africa. You'll be soarly missed. See you in heaven!

little said...


Le Porc Rouge said...

This was still missing from my Makeba collection. Big thanks! I've just posted many of her early albums and linked here from my discography:

David F said...

There was a very old video of Makeba Singing Chove Chuva (from this album) on youtube, but sadly the user closed his account and i dont even know the username, so he took the video with him.

Anyways if you were kind enough to reupload this atleast i could hear the music. :D

Many thanks in advance.