Friday, September 12, 2008

L'Orchestre National 'A' de la République
du Mali, Musicaphon 1970

Just after becoming independent in 1970, Mali's young musicians
started to form a National Orchestra. Since there were much more
good players than needed, they formed A, B and C orchestras.
This was the first of them all, lead by multi-instrumentalist
'Kélétigui Diabate'. On his West African travels he learned to play
guitar, trumpet, flute, saxophone and counter-bass. He plays the
guitar on this LP. We heard tracks 3 and 5 on the Mali Collector
some time ago already, now here's also the rest of the only album
ever recorded by this group.


1 Malamini
2 Taara
3 Janfa
4 Son t'aw la
5 Duga
6 Saakoba
7 Nonsi komotigi
8 Ciwaara

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post!
I have missed it on matsuli's blog last time.
Maybe you also got the 'Orchestre Regional de Segou''s album from the same label.
Anyway, thanks for your great blog !

slj3 said...

Hi!Many many thanks for all the good music you provide us with!But this time, I am unable to read the file for Orchestre National A.Any help?Kind regards. Stéphane from french guiana.

Oro said...

Hello Global,

I did not manage ot download "L'orchestre national"; Maybe you have a problem with rapid share, i don't know maybe it is me.

Sorry for this but i would love to get this fabulous album.

Anonymous said...

The new link has got the same problem.... there is no rar.file...

Kind Regards

Gonzalez on Speed said...

Apparently the filename is too long or so - the download is okay but you have to rename the file by just add extension ".rar". Then you can simply unpack it !

Anonymous said...

Pour Stéphane de la Guyanne française.

Après avoir dl l'album, renomme le fichier et ajoute l'extension .rar manquante(le nom de fichier posté est trop long, c'est pour ça qu'elle n'apparait pas).

Et tu pourras dézipper le fichier sans problème.


nauma 2 said...

thanks for this and all the rest-great great job-much appreciated

rangefinder said...

Many thanks for this and all the other Mali Music LPs! Just found the blog and will be back for more.

The Super Sonic Sonar Radar said...

merci. this is lovely

t said...

just discovered this post after hearing a copy of this in a record store a couple of days ago... the music has been haunting me! any chance of a re-upload? thank you so much!