Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pacheco - The Artist, Fania 1977

Hello Groovers, your long waiting is finally rewarded.
Johnny Pacheco takes us for another New York Salsa ride,
and he knows the way like no other. Pacheco, 'the Artist'.


1 Esa prieta
2 La yerba brava
3 Mi propia sangre
4 La chiva
5 Dirindinde
6 El inventor
7 Amarra el perro
8 Tu no sabes na
9 Ileana
10 Corso y montuno

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Paul said...

Me la llevo. Me la levo. Esa Prieta, what fierce songl Es tremendo el disco entero!!! Thank you for posting. Que vive la salsa!

gee gee c said...

I love this album! Been looking for it..Thanks for the post!

gee gee c said...

I've been looking for this album, lost it in my travels. R.I.P.Hector Casanova.. hope to download this Gem! Thanks for Posting this GlobalGroove!

keffenanu said...

Hey, link is broken, could you re-upload?? Been looking all over for this album