Monday, June 2, 2008

Willie Colon - Cosa Nuestra, Fania 1972

This one is an old personal favorite, I think I bought it around 1980
and played it very much those days.
Willie Colon comes in with a true beauty, the voice of 'Hector Lavoe',
Produced by 'Jerry Masucci' and recording director, 'Johnny Pacheco'.
" Azucar !"


1 Che Che Colé
2 No me llores más
3 Ausencia
4 Te conozco
5 Juana Peña
6 Sonero mayor
7 Sangrigorda
8 Tu no puedes conmigo



NGONI said...

Do not listen this album since 1975 and I have enjoy it again.

Te conozco (bacalao,aunque vengas disfrazao)the best track,but all good.

Moos you are the best.

Anonymous said...


This Willie Colon LP is not downloading either, getting an error on rapidshare whose meaning I can't make out. So far two Willie Colon files have failed to download.


moos said...

should work again,...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Moos,

I have been able to download the file, likewise to the other Willie Colon LP.


HMPZ said...

Thank you for this classic!