Monday, June 9, 2008

Sociedad 76 - El Hulk
de la Salsa, Fania 1980

Something funny is going on here, the A-side of this LP has 4 numbers
according to the backcover, but the LP has 5 tracks on each side.
When we look at the arrangerscredits we see that we miss track 2.
If I listen closely I can not make out excactly, so for the record
I named that second track; 'El hulk de la salsa', after the albumtitle.
I hope you aprove there. By the way, don't you just love that cover ?
This is an old time personal favorite, especially #'s 9 and 10 I used
to play a lot on party's. Johnny Zamot beats
his rhythms tide, check it out !


1 La musica es mi vida
2 'El hulk de la Salsa'
3 Ay corazon
4 La salsa ahora
5 Entre amistad
6 La humanidad
7 Amor tragico
8 Olvidame
9 Yo soy boricua
10 Traidores

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baikinange said...

The music is pretty good....but the album cover is GREAT.

moos said...

That's excactly my idea.

Kornel said...

¡Oye que rico! Again a great album you posted here, if not only for the cover, hehe... just love the style of music you´re presenting on this page! every visit comes with a delightful surprise.

moos said...

Thanks Kornel,
we're only just getting started,
stay tuned.

pepanito said...

Amazing Salsa Brava, can't wait to see your next Latin Music posts...
Your blog is just a killer!


moos said...

Got some hot material waiting...
thanks Pepanito !

Hugomax said...

Estaba buscando esta Producción, muchisimas gracias.Hugomax...

moos said...

Esta nada.. fica visitando..