Saturday, May 31, 2008

Various Artists - Oye Listen !,
Globe Style 1987

From 1987 this is a compilation that was received gratefully.
I remember we used to spin this jewel again and again.
A must have for every Latinlover.


1 Linda Leida y la Bahia - Defiendeme Santa Barbara
2 Bobby Rodriguez - Olvidame
3 Alfredo Valdes - la Mulata Cubana
4 Monguito 'El Unico' - Con cariño a Panama
5 La Sonora de Baru - Festival in Guarare
6 Rolando la Serie - Ay ! se paso la Serie
7 Linda Leida y la Bahia - Arroz co manteca
8 Los Guaracheros de Oriente - Ocana Sordi
9 La India de Oriente - Como se baila el son

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Matt said...

I don't know how to thank you for this! My first introduction to Latin Jazz came through this ablum which I had borrowed from the Main Library in San Francisco back in about 1996. I made a tape of the album and would listen to it religiously. About 7 years ago I lost the tape and had never been able to find any mention of the album anywhere until now.

Thank you thank you thank you! I have downloaded the album and am loving it all over again. The Bobby Rodriguez track is perhaps my all-time favorite Latin Jazz song, just mindblowing.

Matt in San Francisco

Anonymous said...

dear Global Groove, I found , at last, this album apply for Venezuelan friend (I am a Chilean).

Thank you so much.
Sorry ,my english is not so good.


Victor Hugo M

moos said...

Very happy to be of service..
stay tuned..

Norio said...

hot!, hot!!, hot!!!
This is a wonderful compilation of what the text on the back of the LP says is "straightforward Salsa." I didn't know that cumbia, son and other styles can be subsumed under salsa.