Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nigeria's Dr. Sir Warrior and the Oriental Brothers
Internatinal - Heavy on the Highlife !
Original Music 1990

For this occasion we've got a cd ripped for ya, usually
I only use lp's but today we make an exception. These
guys are absolutely on top if we speak of Nigerian highlife.
It's a 1990 release with tracks from respectively 1973, 1973,
1974, 1984, 1987 and 1988, original on Afrodisia Records.


1   Oriental Brothers - Umamwesi special
2   Oriental Brothers - Ihe chinyenre
3   Oriental Brothers - Uwa atu alamujo
4   Dan Satch Opara - Ihe ejiaku eme
5   Oriental Brothers - Anyi aiala ozo
6   Dr. Sir Warrior - Na kwa echeki

Heavy on the Highlife !

Sunday, April 13, 2014

African Brothers Int. Band of Ghana
Okwaduo, "Wodee Wokoo na Wonuanom"

I think we had some twelve of their records in the past. Lp's by
these guys keep appearing time after time and I have no idea
how many they made. Here's one I recently found, good thing
it is in reasonable condition. The problem with Ghanaian lp's
from that era is mostly the poor shape they are in. So, don't
hesitate and get it while you can. Have a nice sunday..
The lp's backsleeve and label speak of 11 songs only,
however, the album itself contains 12 tracks, if anyone can
tell us the correct title of track #12, please do so..


 1   Okwaduo
 2   Ma anoma nua
 3   Eye koko
 4   Obra pa
 5   Abotokura
 6   Yenko yemma
 7   Nkran abrabo
 8   Owuo begya hwan
 9   Enne ye nna
10  Medee beba
11  Mede ama nyame
12  Mystery track


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kin-Bantou - Kin-Bantou
Sonafric SAF 61006, 1978

I kept wondering for years, after seeing this album cover
on the backsleeve of other Sonafric releases, how would
it sound ? Today we finally solve the mystery. Kin-Bantou,
is it the name of a group or man ? I don't know. What I do
know is that I really love the sound on this wonderful album
and keep playing it over and over now I finally got it. Hope
you'll feel the same sensation I did when first listening to it.
Get it & Spread it..enjoy..


1   Kayuka ilunga
2   Nakokamua
3   Bandoki pt.1
4   Bandoki pt.2
5   Tokabwana
6   Nakufa-boyce


Sunday, April 6, 2014

John Lee Hooker - House of the Blues
Chess International

I could impossibly say it like Leadbelly, so I'll leave it to him.
Leadbelly said it this way;
"Never was a white man had the blues, 'cause nothin' to worry about.
Now, you lay down at night. You roll from one side of the bed to the
other all night long. You can't sleep.
What's the matter ? The blues got you. You get up and sit on the side
of your bed in the mornin'. You may have a sister and a brother, mother
and father around, but you don't want no talk out of 'em.
What's the matter ? The blues got you. Well, you go and put your feet
under the table, look down at your plate, got everything you want to
eat, but you shake your head, you get up.
You say, "Lawd I can't eat and I can't sleep."
What's the matter ?
The blues got you. Wanna talk to you.
Here's what you gotta tell 'em:
"Good morning blues, blues how do you do ?
Good morning blues, blues how do you do ?
I'm doin' all right, good mornin', how are you ?
I lay down last night, turnin' from side to side,
                Ohhhhhhhhhh, turnin' from side to side,
I was not sick, but I was just dissatisfied."
John Lee Hooker is another man who knows what it is to have the
blues, and how to tell it.
Proof that he can do so with individual style and dramatic force and
surging swing is amply displayed in this collection, which must be
regarded as one of the great blues albums of recent years."


 1   Walkin' the boogie
 2   Love blues
 3   Union station blues
 4   It's my own fault
 5   Leave my wife alone
 6   Ramblin' by myself
 7   Sugar mama
 8   Down at the landing
 9   Louise
10  Ground hog blues
11  High priced woman
12  Women and money

House of the Blues

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Michel Boyibanda & Loko Massengo
avec l'International Orchestre Rumbaya - Nouveauté 1981
Musiclub / Eddy'Son Consortium Mondial 1981

It is in mint condition, I recorded it on cd from my Technics 1200
with it's perfect stylus and Stanton element, then ripped in
320 kbps, I ensure you, quality in sound you will appreciate.
Track no.1 has a very funny rhythm, at first I thought something was
wrong but soon it fell in place, listen..

We had le Retro de Michel Boyibanda and Sedim présente Boybanda Michel
on earlier occasions. I re-upped them for you as well. Today we've got
another lp of the great Michel Boyibanda with l'International Orchestre Rumbaya,
same as the last mentioned lp.  It is a collaboration with Loko Massengo.
Enjoy these rare beauties and pass them on to your friends..


1   Loko Massengo - Au revoir guy-guy
2   Loko Massengo - Amour loko
3   Michel Boyibanda - Monge alel' okondji
4   Michel Boyibanda - Nkokila mwana ponton

Nouveauté 1981

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Essous ( trois-s ) - Philosophie

With vocals by André Pamomiel, solo guitar by Master
Mwana Congo, Jerry, Miguel and Domingo Salsero,
this is a pretty decent album. Jean Serge Essous
on saxophone as always guarantees plenty
listening pleasure, check it out..


1   Philosophie
2   Se malembe
3   Vivre a deux
4   B.D.E.A.C.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto
- Golpe Currambero
Industria Nacional del Sonido Ltda.

Our minds are funny things, do you know that phenomenon ?
The way an lp sleeve can influence what we think about it..
When we see a cover with a cheesy picture of a nude, we
expect a lesser album then when seeing an album cover
like this one. Our perception can fool us sometimes but
in this particular case the sleeve doesn't lie. I think this
lp is exceptional good as frontsleeve already suggests.
Great picture of a great band, Anibal Velasquez made
dozens of albums. Though not entirely sure, I've got
reason to believe this lp is from 1974. What ever
year it was, 'Golpe Currambero' will convince
you of Anibal Velasquez' quality's,
listen and agree..


 1   El emigrante
 2   Mi fosforito
 3   Mi casa vacia
 4   Tomasa
 5   La paciencia
 6   Soy tu marido
 7   Golpe currambero
 8   Mi suki suki
 9   No vuelvo contigo
10  Que mujer
11  Esta listo
12  El tartamudo

Golpe Currambero

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sir Shina Peters - Ko Temi Fun Mi
Makossa International Records 1984

"With wealthy Nigerian backers, Sir'' Shina Peters combined
juju with elements of Fela Kuti's Afro-Beat style and the upfront
drum sounds of fuji music into a style he dubbed Afro-Juju."
( Rough Guide )
This 1984 album on Makossa fascinates from beginning to end.
Sir Shina Peter's afro-juju is full of surprising turns and sounds,
We had a 'Sir Shina Adewale' album in december 2008, here's
the link to that album as well.
"Segun Adewale started out as a backup singer, with Shina
Peters, in the band of Prince Adekunle , a contemporary of
I.K. Dairo's, before splitting off to form their own group
which they called, with no trace of irony,
Shina Adewale." ( Rough Guide )


1   Ko temi fun mi
-   Omo ilewe ( student )
2   Olojo nkajo ( maturity )
-   Dapo tejuosho family

Ko Temi Fun Mi

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Micky Adisa & his Original Fuji Londoners
Ka Tepa Mose, Ogo Oluwa Records 1982

Somewhere during last week I received a request for more
Kollington Ayinla or fuji in general. Do you know these guys
already ? Strange thing if you 'google' Micky Adisa you'll
find nothing and if you google Fuji Londoners you get to
Sikiru Ayinde Barrister or the Royal Talazo Fuji Londoners.
One way or the other, this an lp by Micky Adisa
& his Original Fuji Londoners,

Afgelopen week ontving ik een verzoek om meer Kollington
Ayinla of om fuji in het algemeen. Ken je deze jongens al ?
Vreemd is als je 'googlet' op Micky Adisa vindt je zo goed
als niets en op Fuji Londoners kom je bij Sikiru Ayinde
Barrister of de Royal Talazo Fuji Londoners. Hoe dan ook,
hier is een lp tje van Micky Adisa & his
Original Fuji Londoners,


1   Kate pamo 'se
-   Aljhaji yusuff lowode
-   Afro fuji system
2   Oluwa magba agbekele wa
-   Onile mo bode ki nto wole
-   Alhaji ganiyu salako

Ka Tepa Mose

Friday, March 21, 2014

Okukuseku Band of Ghana
Awosco & Sons Records 1979

Okukuseku Band of Ghana is certainly one of the most
famous of all those Ghanaian groups that went to Nigeria
to find their fortune. This is the first lp they made after
returning to Ghana. It is from 1979 and as they stated
on the backsleeve, it was made for your nice cool
enjoyment. Thank you Okukuseku..


1   Keka ko
2   Odo bra
3   Atanfo wmohyere
4   Me-nkwa

Okukuseku Band of Ghana